Book Review – Being Chris Hani’s Daughter

by Lindiwe Hani and Melinda Ferguson (MFBooks/Jacana) ISBN 9781920601812

Do you remember when Chris Hani was assassinated in April 1993? Many people do and they can all relive that awful moment when they heard the news…some thought the country would go into civil war, others were ambivalent and a few were triumphant about the loss of an ANC heavyweight at the pivotal moment in the history of our country.

Lindiwe Hani remembers that day and the horror of it only too well. Being twelve years old at the time, it was not the loss of a great leader that traumatised her, but the loss of her one and only Daddy. She was robbed of the rest of her childhood with her loving, caring father.

One would think that’s enough tragedy for a young girl to go through but she had three more heartbreaking incidents occur in her young life, which she writes about with courage and determination. It’s no wonder she tried to numb the pain with substances.

This is a personal story but it does cover many human emotions and political themes. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel as Lindiwe, who has a daughter of her own, has decided not to run away from her pain anymore, but to confront it – like she did the killers of her father. Lindiwe has learned how to work through her emotions through therapy, and now she can face up to her demons.

A well-written book, definitely worth the read.

Amanda Blankfield-Koseff

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Posted on: 28th May 2017