Book Review – About Last Night

by Catherine Alliot (Penguin) ISBN: 9780718183615

Catherine Alliot, the author of 14 bestsellers and often the unsung hero of chick-lit, serves up another page-turner with her latest, About Last Night.

Molly, a widow and mum to three, is up to her eyeballs trying to run a farm house – keeping up with motherhood, chickens, and looming debt. She decides to go back to London, only to find that her house there is already occupied by a handsome guy – a complication she doesn’t need but can’t altogether resist.

The story explores, with warmth and humour, how Molly is torn between the high life in London and the bucolic charm of the country. The book is a perfect holiday read – laugh out loud funny, relatable, and not easy to put down.

Anthony Ehlers