Book Review – A Secret Garden

by Katie Fforde (Century) ISBN 9781780890883

A Secret Garden is a warm and funny story of friends and family in a small neighbourhood trying to make a living as they search for true love.

The two main characters, Philly and Lorna are friends and share the love of gardening. Philly is the Irish granddaughter of Seamus who ran away from home to start her own nursery. Lorna is the childhood friend of Peter and maintains the gardens at Cotswolds manor. Lorna has always been in love with Peter.

When Peter tells Lorna that he has met the “one”, Lorna realises that she needs to move on. What better timing when Lorna meets the handsome young stonemason, Jack. Lorna asks for Philly’s help to complete the restoration of the manor’s gardens in preparation for an upcoming sculptor show. Philly meets the talented chef, Lucien at the local market where she sells her flowers.

Drama ensues when Lucien’s parents give him an ultimatum and Lorna’s grown up son comes to live with her and a series of hilarious events unfolds.

A Secret Garden is a lighthearted, wonderful summer holiday read.

Tracy-Ann Damons

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