Book Review – 16th Seduction

by James Patterson & Maxine Paetro (Century) ISBN: 9781780895208

An attempt at a reconciliatory date night with her estranged husband Joe, leads to complications in Detective Lindsay Boxer’s life.  A bomb blast rips apart a balmy San Francisco evening, claiming many victims, including Joe who is horrifically injured.

Connor Grant the perpetrator of the crime, confesses on the spot to the bombing, but only to Lindsay. When the police arrive to arrest him, Connor retracts his confession. Soon Lindsay and Joe are dragged into a deliberate game of cat-and-mouse with Connor. As the case heads to trial, not only is Lindsay’s professionalism called into question, but so is her less-than-perfect marriage.

A Women’s Murder Club Thriller, 16th Seduction picks up where the last book left off. Detective Lindsay Boxer is still reeling from Joe’s betrayal, trying to patch up her relationship as well as solve the enigma that is Connor Grant. Adding complexity to her life, Lindsay must also solve a case of mysterious deaths caused by induced heart attacks in victims.

Although I felt it lacked the pace and intent of the previous book in the series, 16th Seduction is still a decent page-turner.

Merissa Himraj

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