Book Review – Bloodrose

by Andrea Cremer (Sphere) ISBN: 978-0142423707

Cremer finishes the Nightshade trilogy in style. The battle between the keepers and the searchers is set. Shay accepts his destiny as the Scion. He and his team travel to the sacred sites to assemble the sword needed to defeat the evil Bosque Mar. Calla, Ren & Shay are set to return to Vail and face their worst nightmares.

Calla sets a new standard as a teen fiction heroine. She is strong, brave and can think for herself. She is one of the heroines I would encourage my teenage daughter to read, if I had a teenage daughter.

Searchers, Connor, Anika, Ethan and Adne add layers to the final instalment. New bonds are forged, love found, and lost, and sacrifices made. There is no perfect ending which is exactly as it should be. However, the ending is perfect for the story.

Like the other novels in this trilogy, Bloodrose is well-written, well-plotted and driven by worthy characters. This really is a good read.

Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 3rd April 2012