Book Review – Best Of Bill

Best Of Bill by Bill Granger (Murdoch Books) ISBN: 978 1 7426635 1 7

Self-taught Ozzie chef Bill Granger may not be as famous as cheeky Jamie Oliver or as sexy as Nigella, but he’s one of my favourites.
Firstly, his food is unpretentious, easy-to-prepare and delicious. Granger has an engaging, laid-back style when putting together his books, telling stories through the ritual of food, friends and family, touching on his own childhood and life.

South Africa is similar to Australia in many ways—so there’s often a sense of nostalgia in these stories. What sets him apart is that he makes you excited about food and entertaining again without intimidating you in the process.

Best of Bill is a massive 320-page full-colour coffee table book featuring more than 130 recipes from his previous bestselling cook books—like his chocolate self-saucing pudding and famous French toast recipe. Granger’s recipes are always fast, easy and brimming with flavour—perfect for lazy holidays and weekends. Life is complicated enough—food shouldn’t be.

This refreshingly uncomplicated book puts no-fuss fun back into food.  Get your hands on a copy now.

Faith Parker

Posted on: 16th December 2011