Basic Bird ID in Southern Africa

by Peter Ginn and Geoff McIlleron (Struik) R75.00 ISBN 978-1-77007-862-8

This little book on identifying birds is a beginner’s gem. 
Clearly photographed and labelled, it means you too can join in the fray when everyone is shouting, “I think it’s a shrike”. They turn the pages of their heavy books to identify the said bird. I marvel at the huge books enclosed by a leather strap that hangs off their shoulders.  It takes a while for them to identify the bird concerned.
This book helps you identify a bird immediately, enabling you to be “the winner” of identification.  There are not many pages to turn to identify your bird.  As a beginner you can be quite smug when you carry this light, sharply focused book, in pursuit of the ever-growing popular pastime of identifying birds. 
Perhaps it could be mentioned what type of binoculars would be suitable. I have learned that size and shape and colour help you to identify the bird you are looking at and that lifestyle and habitat, nests and birdcalls are important.
I recommend that everyone buy this easy to read book on birds.  Look up in the sky and identify, can be your slogan if you own this easy to read book.
Dee Andrew

Posted on: 24th November 2011