Ants in the Big Onion

by Annica Foxcroft (Umuzi) ISBN: 978 1 4152 0146 6


A liquorice ‘allsorts’ set of South Africans come together on the doorstep of a bed and breakfast in Meyerton affectionately run by May and her former madam Annica.
May and Annica who have long since put aside the certainty of male companionship, take delight in weaving in and out of their boarders’ lives at the Fox ‘n Zulu.
The Fox ‘n Zulu highlights the generous community for which it caters, from a refurbished fish and chip shop to a make shift shebeen.
The book belongs in an acutely South African niche. It displays constant unprepared conversation loaded with South African slang that, although true to form, may disconnect the regular reader. Humorous, even awkward, events help keep the reader’s attention.
However, I was left feeling exactly the same in the end as I did in the beginning – slightly disoriented with a smirk on my face.

Lizette Bester

Posted on: 6th November 2011