Book Review – All The Hopeful Lovers

All The Hopeful Lovers by William Nicholson (Quercus) ISBN 978-1-84916-390-3

It’s called nothing – just a moment.

Tom loves Belinda but he was unfaithful to her. The moment causes misery in their marriage. She never knew he was a liar and now she knows it for sure. He told her it was just a fleeting moment of madness.

She thinks, “husband shits on family home, leading surgeon lies and cheats and expects to be forgiven”.

Belinda gets lost in her computer – mailing an old flame whom she only kissed in the past. Their meeting is unreal. The absolute arrogance of her lover defies description.

Now Belinda and Tom are even but why does she still feel jealous of Tom’s lover?

This is a light hearted book about serious feelings that have to be dealt with and heartaches that have to be solved. In spite of hurting each other, they still love each other.

Is there anyone out there who has been there? Try reading the book

Dee Andrew 

Posted on: 6th November 2011