Book Review – 7 Days

by Deon Meyer (Hodder & Stoughton) ISBN 9781444723717

After 13 Hours and Devil’s Peak this is the third novel with a main part for Detective Benny Griessel. The brainchildren of Meyer have become popular worldwide and will be brought to the screen with Sean Bean in the role of the sympathetic Griessel.

In 7 Days the South African Police Service is embarrassed by emails from a sniper who promises to take aim at policemen until the murder of beautiful lawyer, Sloet, is solved.

Griessel is called in to coordinate two lines of investigation, one into the murder of Hanneke Sloet and the other into the sniper and why he is so upset about this particular case. The mention of communists in his emails puts the team on the track of black empowerment deals and ‘old world’ communists seeking fortune in South Africa. But is this where Griessel and courageous Captain Mbali Kaleni will find the answers?

After ten years of alcoholism Benny is sober and coming to grips with what is left of his family life. Against his sponsor’s advice he does this together with the beautiful singer Alexa Bernard who is in the same recovery boat as he is.

Meyer has delivered another fast-paced thriller set in the new South Africa with its dynamic relations and developments.  He tells a good story with a skilfully developed plot.

Josine Overdevest


Posted on: 23rd December 2012