16 Rules Of Blog Writing And Layout

16 Rules Of Blog Writing And Layout. Which Ones Are You Breaking?

If you want to write blog posts people read, you need to think about formatting. Use these 16 rules of blog writing and layout to help you.

You should have short paragraphs and a constrained column width, use headers and sub-headers, and lists. You also need to consider your font and font size.

According to Sue Anne Dunlevie, blog writing rules are based on two things:

1. People skim read when they read things on-screen

‘Pick up a book or cast your eye over a newspaper article, and you’ll instantly be able to gauge how long it is and how long it will take to read. Online… a long body of text is scary. By helping people scan your blog posts with a good layout and telling them more about what information they’ll find in it, you can entice them to read the post in full.’

2. It’s harder to read things on-screen than on print

‘You need to make sure the very act of reading your blog is easy. No matter how great your blog content and blog writing is, if it’s not easy to read, people won’t enjoy it and won’t come back for more.’

16 Rules Of Blog Writing And Layout

This infographic has 16 tips for you.

Read the full article here: 16 Rules of Blog Writing and Layout (Source: Successful Blogging)

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Posted on: 30th January 2017