Writing Sex Scenes – 6 Male Archetypes

Writing Sex Scenes – Part Two – 6 Male Archetypes

Writers Write is a resource for writers. In this post, we talk about writing sex scenes using 6 male archetypes.

Let’s talk about sex, baby – Part Two

Last week, I introduced the concept of writing a sex scene. This week, I am dealing with male archetypes and patterns of sexual behaviour.

There is a table with six different kinds of characters below. They are sort-of based on the Alpha, Beta, Gamma archetypes we use in genre-romance writing. The descriptions varied so greatly that I improvised and came up with six archetypes of my own. Few well-rounded characters will be 100% like any one of the descriptions. Most likely, your character will be a combination of two or even more of these. Do not shy away from the negative archetypes. They create conflict, and opportunities for growth and change in our characters.

(Remember: This is a cheat sheet for their behavioural patterns. Feel free to disagree. There is no scientific basis for these definitions. They are a fun result of observation.)

Next week, I will write about six female archetypes and their possible sexual behaviour patterns.

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Mia Botha by Mia Botha

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Posted on: 26th March 2014

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  1. these are really interesting. i think my characters tend to lean more towards The Guy and The Extremest. I like my male characters to have an edge and a bit of bastard in them, but when it comes down to the woman they love, crumple into a semi-squishy pile of goo.