World Reading Habits In 2021

Have you wondered how reading habits changed over the past year? In this infographic, we look at world reading habits in 2021.

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When was the last time you read a really good love story?

You know the kind I mean…the ones that really draw you in and where you can almost feel the first kiss as the Victorian lady meets her Prince Charming?

Or maybe you’re more of a fan of the shirtless cowboy riding in to save the day with his six gun and six pack?

Talk about a deadly combination…

It turns out that romance was the top-selling genre for Americans in 2021.

Worldwide, sales of romance books totalled $1.4 billion. That’s a lot of love to go around!

Reading habits as a whole have undergone big changes lately, thanks in part to lockdowns and a shifting reading landscape.

Global English Editing did a deep dive into people’s reading habits and new trends in 2021, and they found out some fascinating stuff. They looked at:

  1. What kind of books are most popular in Europe?
  2. What country has the highest literacy rate?
  3. Surprising changes in how we read and what we read…
  4. And much more

Check out the full infographic and find out more about what people are reading all over the world!

World Reading Habits In 2021

World Reading Habits in 2021

by Isabel Cabrera, Communications Manager, The Expert Editor

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Posted on: 5th January 2022

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