Welcome To The 12 Short Stories Writing Challenge For 2018

The 2017 challenge ended with 30 writers who got #12/12 and earned their #braggingrights.

Congratulations to:

Short Story Challenge 2018

Today marks the beginning of our 2018 short story challenge.

  1. The goal is to write 12 short stories in 12 months.
  2. I post a prompt once a month, the deadline is usually four weeks later.
  3. The word counts vary each month.
  4. You post one story and comment on four other stories.
  5. It is a great learning experience. 

Please remember: This is not a competition. It’s about discipline, productivity and learning. Not all my stories will be great, but they will, at least, be written

Added bonus: Not only will you write 12 short stories in 2018, the word counts have been calculated to add up to 15 000 words exactly. That sounds productive.

How it works:

Here is how to get going:

  1. Go to 12 Short Stories
  2. Sign up. Choose and type your password carefully. It is very sensitive.
  3. Click on your name in the top right corner of the screen and create a profile, add a profile picture and a cover picture.
  4. You can add a bio by clicking on the Users Tab in your dashboard. You’ll find the dashboard in the top left corner of the screen. 

Add your story on the day of the deadline:

  1. Add your short story by clicking on the dashboard in the top left corner of the screen.
  2. Click on ‘Posts’.
  3. Click ‘Add new post’.
  4. Add your story title to the title bar at the top of the page and use this format:

Story Title by Author Name. 

  1. Copy and Paste your story into the white block.
  2. Please add the following information to your story. Use this format:

Prompt: XXXXXXXX | Word count: XXXXXXXX | Genre: XXXXXXXX

  1. Check spelling and typos.
  2. Check formatting. Unfortunately, WordPress won’t allow us to indent only the first line of a paragraph for manuscript layout, so make sure that your story has lots of white space and that each line of dialogue is on its own line.
  3. You can add an image if you want to by clicking the Add Media button, please only use the smallest image size. Make sure you have permission to use the image.
  4. Make sure to choose a category on the bottom right of your screen. You will see the categories are listed as: Prompt X: XXXXXX, please choose the correct one. Your story won’t show up otherwise.
  5. Add tags on the bottom right of the screen. Use your name, your story title, and the prompt for that month, 12 short stories and writing challenge, for example. This tells Google where to find your story and your profile. You are building your author platform.
  6. Remember to press Update every time you make a change.
  7. Hit Publish.
  8. The post must be approved by me.
  9. Please don’t post your story until the deadline.
  10. Read and comment on four other stories. 

To Comment:

  1. Click on the speech bubble at the top of the story.
  2. Please be kind and remember to read the Evaluation Guidelines.

To Edit:

  1. Go into your post. Make the changes and hit UPDATE.

Join the Facebook group: 12 Short Story Facebook Group

Read this post to hear what the 2017 participants had to say.

Let’s write 12 Short Stories in 12 months.

Here is the first prompt for 2018:

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 by Mia Botha

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