The World's Reading Habits In 2018

Looking Back At The World’s Reading Habits In 2018

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One of the best ways to develop a distinctive voice in writing is to read on a regular basis. What is it about our favourite writers that draw us in? How can we hook our audience, and keep them turning the pages?

In his memoir, “On Writing”, Stephen King writes, “If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time or the tools to write. Simple as that.” Of course, what you choose to read matters. It has been shown that the complexity of your reading material directly effects the complexity of your writing.

Considering the significant impact that reading can have on the development of a writer, how much time do you spend reading? And how does it compare to the reading habits of others around the world?

Global English Editing has examined the reading habits of different countries around the world. The results may surprise you.

In 2018, Indians read more than any other country each person in terms of time per day devoted to reading. Thailand and China were second and third, respectively. Considering that reading has beneficial effects on the mind and body, this should be a sought after podium.

Europeans are happy to invest in books and newspapers too, spending on average $240 per person each year. 77% of Americans have said that they went shopping for books in 2018.

Take a look at Global English Editing’s fantastic new infographic to get an overview of reading habits around the globe. Happy reading!

Source for infographic: Global English Editing

by Sierra Delarosa, Content Manager

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Posted on: 11th January 2019

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