The Day Jobs Of 12 Famous Poets

World Poetry Day is an initiative of UNESCO. It is a day to appreciate and support poets and poetry around the world. It is held on 21 March each year.

Grant Snider of Incidental Comics illustrates the day jobs of 12 famous poets.

Source for comic: Incidental Comics
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  1. Kevin Fox

    Larkin was a university librarian not a public librarian

  2. Philip Bond

    Damn, never going to be famous, don’t have one of those jobs. Poo

  3. Fay Franklin

    Great except that Emily Dickinson was not in the least a crazy cat lady (stereotype?). Her sister had cats but Emily loved birds too much. Probably the least cat-loving poet of them all!

  4. Brian Francis Heffron

    “il faut (d’abord) durer” we must, first of all, endure

  5. Mignon Ariel King

    Am I the only one singing this in her head to the tune of “We didn’t start the fire”?

  6. Inga

    I need a job for poets

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