Where Writers Write

Where Writers Sleep – Sylvia Plath

Sylvia Plath stayed at the Barbizon Hotel for Women for several months. This image is taken from an advertisement for the hotel and suggests what Plath's room may have looked like at that time. (Source for Image) Find out more about the author here

Where Writers Sleep – Virginia Woolf

 Virginia Woolf's bedroom at Monk's House in East Sussex Learn more about Virginia Woolf, born 25 January 1882, died 28 March 1941 Source for Image ~~~~~ Writers Write - Write to communicate

Where Writers Write – Frances Spalding

'But what I gained with this house was an enormous desk. It is an artist's working bench, with slots on one side where canvases can be stored. In Vellacott's day it was thick with oil paint and the grime of charcoal. Without my asking, the…

Where Writers Write – Colm Tóibín

The room is like a cave, and has books I love in it. The main door was closed up and a smaller opening was made under the stairs. (I went away while all this was happening.) The furniture is locked in, and part of me…

Where Writers Write – Hilary Mantel

'I write in the main room of our flat, at the top of a former Victorian asylum in Surrey. My desk was made in Norfolk in serviceable pine. It is arranged in layers, as a working model of my mind. The surface is dull, plain…

Where Writers Write – The Brontë Sisters

This room at Haworth Parsonage, known as the dining room, the drawing room or the parlour, is where the Brontë sisters used to write and discuss their work with each other. The three famous sisters are: Charlotte Brontë Emily Brontë Anne Brontë Source for image