Submit Your First Poem For 2019

Submit Your First Poem For 2019

Welcome to all the poets who have joined the 12 Poems Challenge. Here’s to #12/12.

This is the first deadline of our first poetry challenge.

I will accept and approve posts for Both Sides from 7 February 2019, 8:00 (Johannesburg time | GMT +2:00), until 8 February 2018, 8:00 (Johannesburg time | GMT +2:00) on

Please ask Google to figure out what time that will be in your part of the world.

Please submit your poem on


  1. Log in.
  2. Submit (Top right).
  3. Complete the form.
  4. Select the correct category: Poetry Prompt 1: Both sides.
  5. Do not select any other category.
  6. Submit for approval.
  7. Read and comment on four other poems. Please spread the love. Look for poems that haven’t been read, instead of everyone reading and commenting on the same poems.

Those of us trying it for the first time may find this post helpful. How To Write & Talk About Poetry


  1. This is an exercise in discipline. The comments are a bonus. There is no prize because I want you to focus on writing for yourself and to try and take more risks.
  2. Be kind when you comment. Start with a positive comment, suggest an improvement, and end with something positive. We are here to learn.
  3. Our next prompt is at the end of this post.

A few more points:

  1. I will try to read as many posts as possible, but I do have a day job that I would like to keep.
  2. NO hate speech. None. If you see something nasty that I should be made aware of, please send me a message.
  3. Be careful of profanity.
  4. I need to approve every post. Please be patient with me. I am teaching during the day and I will approve them as quickly as I can. They will all go up. 

Can I still join?

You can join the 12 Short Story or Poetry Challenge in any month. So, if you start in June, that will be month one for you and then May 2019 will be month 12. Sign up on

Here is my poem for Both Sides:

His and Hers by Mia Botha

Matching towels
Matching mugs
Matching pillows tossed on scattered rugs
And then the words
“I wish you would.”
“But you never.”
“I never could.”
“Perhaps you should.” 
And then you see the words again
His and Hers on scattered rugs
Matching towels and matching pillows tossed between the shards of matching mugs.

And here is Prompt 2 for 2019:


 by Mia Botha

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