Social Media Explained

Use this graphic to find out what to do on the different social media platforms.

Have you ever thought of using #Caturday for your business. Or #throwbackthursdays?

“If content is the king of Social Media, consistency is the queen. It’s about showing up when you say you will. It is a challenge when life intrudes, but there are ways to make it easier for you. Planning your posts a week or a month ahead helps. Categories and themes are all great ways to simplify your content.” ~Mia Botha, How to plan your blogging week in less than 15 minutes

Writing for social media is all about engaging your audience, and showing your personality. It is a fun and effective way to talk about your business on your blog. If you communicate well on your networks, you will be successful.

Writers Write has more than 300 000 followers on social media. More than 80% of our business is generated via these platforms.

News Alert Writers Write has been announced as one of the Top 50 Writing Blogs of 2015. We were also named one of the 13 Great Facebook Pages for Writers

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by Amanda Patterson

Posted on: 24th January 2015

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