7 Ways Blogging Improves Your Writing

7 Ways Blogging Improves Your Writing

So, if it is that simple, why are you not blogging? Not everyone wants to write about his or her life. An online diary is not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you spend time online, you will notice not all blogs are personal diaries. Successful blogs are well written, have compelling stories, and they are entertaining.

As a writer, you should be building an author platform, so if you don’t want to tell us about your session in the gym you can tell us about your books, your writing, and what you are reading. Start building relationships with your future readers now.

If that is not enough motivation to get you blogging, consider these points.

7 Ways Blogging Improves Your Writing

  1. It gives you a deadline. Writers always perform better with deadlines. It forces you into a routine and helps you remain focussed.
  2. It gives you something else to write. Sometimes we need a break from our novels and blogging will help with that.
  3. You have to commit. It is a daily, weekly or monthly commitment that forces you to write.
  4. The comments are great. They give you immediate feedback. However, some comments are not always great, but consider it a good way to start developing a thick skin.
  5. You can write about anything. It is a wonderful creative outlet. Consider it a place to explore and take risks with your writing that you wouldn’t usually take in a full-length novel.
  6. You can create a body of work. Consistent blogging will help you create a body of work over time that comes in bite-sized chunks.
  7. It is a platform. It allows you to create a platform to promote your books.

Blogging is a big commitment and it takes time, but it is worth the investment. Spend time online and find blogs that you enjoy. Then take the plunge and start your own blog.

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Posted on: 29th July 2015

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