7 Quotes About Sundays

7 Quotes About Sundays

Writers Write is a comprehensive resource for writers. In this post, we share a selection of our favourite quotes about Sundays.

7 Quotes About Sundays

  1. Each spice has a special day to it. For turmeric it is Sunday, when light drips fat and butter-coloured into the bins to be soaked up glowing, when you pray to the nine planets for love and luck. ~Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
  2. … millions long for immortality who don’t know what to do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon. ~Susan Ertz
  3. The feeling of Sunday is the same everywhere, heavy, melancholy, standing still.  ~Jean Rhys
  4. If God hadn’t rested on Sunday, He would have had time to finish the world. ~Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  5. Poetry is truth in its Sunday clothes. ~Joseph Roux
  6. Sunday: A day given over by Americans to wishing that they themselves were dead and in Heaven, and that their neighbours were dead and in Hell. ~H.L. Mencken
  7. The Christians gave Him Sunday, the Jews gave Him Saturday, and the Muslims gave Him Friday. God has a three-day weekend. ~George Carlin

by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 14th July 2013