Sara Paretsky

Literary Birthday – 8 June – Sara Paretsky

Happy Birthday, Sara Paretsky, born 8 June 1947.

10 Quotes On Writing

  1. I wrote my first three novels at night while I was working full time as a marketing manager. And tutoring, and singing in a choir, and managing a home for my husband and three stepsons.
  2. It takes a lot of cappuccino to get me through a book.
  3. I live in an old house, and we turned the attic into my office. It’s a lovely light space, which unfortunately is also very disorganized. I like the comfort of many books around me. Indeed, I like to sleep with them in bed with me.
  4. Even today, with almost twenty published books, I’m beset by anxiety, worrying about whether I’m telling the story right, having the necessary balance between action and reflection.
  5. I write directly onto the computer, but I work out story lines, and problems with story lines, on big sketch books.
  6. I start with a basic idea of a story. This may be a crime, if I’m writing in the V I series, or a startling event that sparks an idea for a general novel. Until I have characters who really come to life for me, though, I can’t begin work.
  7. I spent 10 years as a marketing manager. I’ve found my experience in the financial world invaluable background for writing about white-collar crimes.
  8. I wonder about this sometimes. How much dysfunctionality is just enough to make you a writer? Maybe you don’t need dysfunctionality. Maybe you need total functionality.
  9. I make myself work every day regardless of whether it’s a productive day or not. That way I know I will be at my keyboard when the logjam finally breaks.
  10. Remember: there is no right way to write. There is only the way that works well for you.

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Sara Paretsky is an American author who has written 17 novels as well as short stories and non-fiction books. She is best known for creating V.I. Warshawski, a female private investigator. The series began in 1991 with Indemnity Only. Paretsky was named 2011 Grand Master by the Mystery Writers of America.

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by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 8th June 2013