Taylor Caldwell

Literary Birthday – 7 September – Taylor Caldwell

Taylor Caldwell was born 7 September 1900, and died 30 August 1985.

Seven Quotes

  1. If people are lucky enough to have family they should cultivate it.
  2. Character, I am sure, lies in the genes.
  3. Learning should be a joy and full of excitement. It is life’s greatest adventure; it is an illustrated excursion into the minds of the noble and the learned.
  4. A writer has got to be a cynic. You’ve got to look at life clearly. No rose-coloured glasses. The human race is not very admirable. …I think I appeal to readers because there’s nothing false or hypocritical in what I write. And they recognise themselves, they recognise their fears. And they know what bastards they are.
  5. People are scared to death of dying. I am the opposite.
  6. A wise man distrusts his neighbour. A wiser man distrusts both his neighbour and himself. The wisest man of all distrusts his government.
  7. Giving a phenomenon a label does not explain it.

Taylor Caldwell was an Anglo-American novelist and prolific author of popular fiction, also known by the pen names Marcus Holland and Max Reiner. Her best-known works include Dynasty of DeathDear and Glorious Physician, and Captains and the Kings.

Source for image: James Seneca at English Wikipedia, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons  https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Taylor_caldwell_a.jpg

 by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 7th September 2013