Literary Birthday – 5 May – Kaye Gibbons

Happy Birthday, Kaye Gibbons, born 5 May 1960.

Seven Quotes

  1. Writers and readers agree to meet in a novel, an appropriate place for a proper summit during a finite and particular interlude in your life and mine. I’m always ready to leave when the time comes, when all the words I meant to say are said, but a clean and thorough getaway is impossible because readers are generally an optimistic lot, except for students who sometimes feel roped and dragged to the affair and require a kind of tender convincing to remain.
  2. Having raised three daughters and written books about women and the extraordinary layers of their lives, womanhood has been on my mind, personally and professionally, for as long as I’ve been doing both literature and laundry.
  3. Writing is in many ways an existential form of revenge and correction, a way of reconciling wounds.
  4. Writing serious work one wants to be read and to last isn’t like a hobby that can be picked up and put down, it’s a lovely obsession and a very demanding joy.
  5. My writing is powered by Diet Coke, very cold and in a can. If Diet Coke was taken off the market, I’m afraid I’d never write again!
  6. Learn to be self-critical, which is not always pleasant and not a gift someone’s born with, but it comes from reading excellent literature, obliterating clichés, and being willing to understand that editing your own work is just as important as the original writing. By the time I show my editor a page, I’ve gone over it a hundred times, or more.
  7. Getting involved with things that don’t matter in life will get in the way of it, as they will with anything, like family and home, that do matter.

Kaye Gibbons is an American novelist. Two of her books, Ellen Foster and A Virtuous Woman, were both selected for Oprah’s Book Club.

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by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 5th May 2014