Ian Hamilton Finlay

Literary Birthday – 28 October – Ian Hamilton Finlay

Ian Hamilton Finlay was born 28 October 1925, and died 27 March 2006.

Three Quotes

  1. What you compose with is neither here nor there, you compose with words, or you compose with stone plants and trees, or you compose with events; the Sheriff’s officer, or whatever.
  2. If the work is pure then you have to think it could be understood. If it is not understood it doesn’t mean that your work is not accessible. It doesn’t worry me, but, of course, I would be pleased if people liked my work.
  3. I am always a beginner. I only try to include different parts of life; the pastoral, the tragic, et cetera.

Ian Hamilton Finlay was a Scottish poet, writer, artist, and gardener.

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by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 28th October 2014