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Literary Birthday – 21 November – Kristina McMorris

Happy Birthday, Kristina McMorris, born 21 November 1974.

Five Quotes

  1. Above all, YOU have to believe in your work and, in particular, your voice. Don’t let anyone edit out what is uniquely yours. When it comes to your literary career, be fearless!
  2. My favourite part is editing. I love to tweak like nobody’s business. My least favourite? The blank page. That blinking, taunting cursor is not my friend. But I push myself to fill the pages regardless, propelled by the vague memory of how wonderful it feels to type THE END.
  3. I think the most important thing to keep in mind is that it’s a business. Novels are an art form, but the journey toward publication, at least for the publisher, is about the bottom line. Approaching your career that way will no doubt put you at an advantage.
  4. What I’m proudest of, however, is that through my literary accomplishments, along with a folder of rejection letters, I’ve been able to provide [my children] with tangible proof of what determination can bring.
  5. I was a long-time movie buff, which is why I see my books play out like a film in my head. In that way, I suppose there was always a storyteller inside of me waiting to break free.

Kristina McMorris is an American author. She is an award-winning, bestselling author whose novels include Bridge Of Scarlet Leaves and Letters From Home.

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Posted on: 21st November 2013

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