Denise Mina

Literary Birthday – 21 August – Denise Mina

Happy Birthday, Denise Mina, born 21 August 1966.

Six Quotes

  1. To have a very strong opinion all the time is corrosive to a person’s intellect. It becomes your default position.
  2. A man who thinks he has a higher purpose can do terrible things, even to those he professes to love.
  3. I respond very well to rules. If there are certain parameters it’s much easier to do something really good. Especially when readers know what those are. They know what to expect and then you have to wrong-foot them. That is the trick of crime fiction. And readers come to crime and graphic novels wanting to be entertained, or disgusted.
  4. I think the negative traits are what makes us love other human beings, the foibles and the flaws.
  5. None of us know what is going to sell or what people want to read.
  6. Crime fiction is the fiction of social history. Societies get the crimes they deserve.

Denise Mina is is a Scottish crime writer and playwright. She is the author of Deception, the Garnethill trilogy, and Field of Blood.

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Posted on: 21st August 2015