Literary Birthday – 18 June – Auberon Herbert

Auberon Herbert was born 18 June 1838, and died 5 November 1906.

Five Quotes

  1. The career of a politician mainly consists in making one part of the nation do what it does not want to do, in order to please and satisfy the other part of the nation.
  2. If we cannot by reason, by influence, by example, by strenuous effort, and by personal sacrifice, mend the bad places of civilisation, we certainly cannot do it by force.
  3. I venture to prophesy that there lies before us a bitter and an evil time.
  4. You will not make a man wiser by taking freedom of action from him. A man can only learn when he is free to act.
  5. Every tax or rate, forcibly taken from an unwilling person, is immoral and oppressive.

Auberon Herbert was an English writer, theorist, and philosopher. He is known as the originator of voluntaryism.

Source for Image: Public Domain,

by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 18th June 2015