Chris d'Lacey

Literary Birthday – 15 December – Chris d’Lacey

Happy Birthday, Chris d’Lacey, born 15 December 1954.


  1. ‘I’m under strict instructions to write a happy ending. Rule number ninety-seven: You’re not allowed to make a dragon cry.’ ‘Right,’ Said Sophie, starting the engine. ‘Tears might quench their fire.’
  2. What you take from the earth, you must give back. That’s nature’s way.
  3. ‘Stories have a unique power, David. The Inuit believe they can capture souls.’
  4. Learn a little patience. You never know what might be around the corner.
  5. The more we nurture the planet, the better and more natural a life we’ll have.

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Chris d’Lacey is an English writer of children’s fiction who is best known for writing The Last Dragon Chronicles, which began with The Fire Within. His other books include A Dark Inheritance, which is the first book in the Unicorne Files.

by Amanda Patterson

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Posted on: 15th December 2016