Geraldine Brooks

Literary Birthday – 14 September – Geraldine Brooks

Happy Birthday, Geraldine Brooks, born 14 September 1955.

Seven Quotes

  1. For to know a man’s library is, in some measure, to know his mind.
  2. It is my great good luck the words I use are English words, which means I live in a very old nation of open borders; a rich, deep, multi-layered, promiscuous universe, infused with Latin, German, French, Greek, Arabic and countless other tongues.
  3. A book is more than the sum of its materials. It is an artefact of the human mind and hand.
  4. There are always a few who stand up in times of communal madness and have the courage to say that what unites us is greater than what divides us.
  5. If there is one class of person I have never quite trusted, it is a man who knows no doubt.
  6. The thing that most attracts me to historical fiction is taking the factual record as far as it is known, using that as scaffolding, and then letting imagination build the structure that fills in those things we can never find out for sure.
  7. Book burnings. Always the forerunners. Heralds of the stake, the ovens, the mass graves.

Geraldine Brooks is an Australian American journalist and author. Her 2005 novel, March, won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.


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Posted on: 14th September 2015