Sherrilyn Kenyon

Literary Birthday – 11 December – Sherrilyn Kenyon

Happy Birthday, Sherrilyn Kenyon, born 11 December 1965.

Seven Quotes

  1. You have to finish the book (this is the hardest part for a beginning writer).
  2. In the modern world, we are all constantly writing, whether it’s texting, posting, or emailing. Writing is a vital part of everyday life, and it keeps us from looking or feeling stupid. You have to know how to construct proper sentences, convey feelings, and punctuate appropriately.
  3. Never give up. Never surrender. Fight for your dream and never take rejections personally. Remember, only you hear those voices in your heart and head, and you owe it to your characters to fight for them. Please don’t give up. If you do, no one else will ever hear those people who live inside you. For their sakes, keep going even after you’re ready to quit.
  4. Growing up, books were my lifeline, and I owe a debt to those writers that can never be repaid. They saved my sanity and gave me a world I could escape to. If I can pay that forward to another person, that’s all I ask.
  5. I write simply because I hear voices of people in my head who won’t give me peace until I convey their stories to the rest of the world. Seriously. They’ve always been with me. While other girls played with dolls, and my brothers with Hot Wheels, I was busy traveling through space or traipsing through graveyards with my imaginary playmates.
  6. In my stories, I controlled what happened in a way I couldn’t in real life. My characters lived through the horror and degradation of the cruelty of others and they not only survived, they thrived. They gave me hope and laughter, and they kept me going in spite of everything else. They were my heroes.
  7. The stories are just always there and I know I have more ideas than I will ever have a chance to write. I think that’s what keeps me going. I want to put down as many on paper as I can before I expire

Sherrilyn Kenyon is a best-selling American writer. She writes urban fantasy and is best known for her Dark-Hunter Novels. She has also written historical novels with paranormal elements under the pseudonym Kinley MacGregor.

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Posted on: 11th December 2013