Guest Post Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in wanting to write a guest post for us. These guest post guidelines will help you decide if Writers Write is the correct platform for your submission.

Please do not send your post to us if you disagree with our rules.

These are our guidelines for a guest post:

  1. Your post must be writing-related. Seriously. Writing. We blog about creative writing, business writing, and blogging and writing for social media. We also blog about reading and creativity.
  2. Our readers must be interested in your topic. Please read through at least 10 of our latest blog posts to get a feeling for what we publish on the site. Our readers are mostly writers. Adding statistics, anecdotes, and facts about your topic is a good idea.
  3. We do not pay for posts. We offer this service because we get requests from writers and bloggers.
  4. Our ideal post is 800-1200 words. If you want to write a longer or shorter post, please ask us if we would be interested before sending it in.
  5. Your post must be reader-friendly. Your post is more likely to be accepted if your readability statistics are greater than 75%.
  6. Include links. We need four or five links to existing posts on our website and one or two external links (these cannot be promotional links). We will definitely not link back to an essay writing service.
  7. The post must be exclusive to Writers Write. Please do not send a post that has been published somewhere else, or that you intend to publish on another platform.
  8. Your post must be unique. Please check for unintended plagiarism here: Grammary Checker or Checker.
  9. Tell us about yourself – briefly. Include a brief biography of no more than three sentences, with one link to your personal blog or a personal profile page on your blog, and a Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Facebook account if you have one. (We will not link back to a company profile. If you want to advertise with us, download our Media Kit. We will definitely not link back to an essay writing service.) This information is what we will include as your biography in your post if we publish it. Please include a head shot.
  10. Pictures are good. Please provide a high quality creative commons photo for your blog post if you can. The minimum width should be 800px. Please include a link to the original photograph. However, we may choose to use another photograph if the one submitted is not suitable.
  11. We use UK English. Please correct grammar and check spelling using this setting. Please double check your work before you submit, as we do not have time to edit. However, if there are problems you have missed, we reserve the right to edit the post.

Five things we will not accept:

  1. Advertising. Posts from freelancers who want to provide a back link for another company or entity. (If you want to advertise with us, click here.) 
    • If you do want to add something like ‘… works for XYZ company’ with a link to that company, we charge $150 for the link.
    • If you are promoting courses with a link to the courses, we charge $150 for the link.
    • If you are linking to a company or a blog in any link we charge $150 for the link.
  2. Posts sent on behalf of other writers. The author of the blog post must contact us directly.
  3. Posts with affiliate links. (If you want to advertise with us, download our Media Kit)
  4. Promotions. Guest posts to promote a product or service. (We repeat: We will not link back to a company profile. We will definitely not link back to an essay writing service.) If you want to advertise with us, click here.
  5. Posts that need extensive rewriting and editing. Check your grammar here: Grammar Check

If we publish your post, the rights transfer to Writers Write. Writers Write may republish the post in compilations, ebooks and other outlets. You will still receive credit as the author, but you will not be compensated financially.

By submitting a guest post, you agree to these terms.

If you do not agree with these guidelines, we are not the right platform for your writing.

Please send the post to and please give us two weeks to respond.