Buy Three Get One Free

Buy Three Get One Free

We have a spectacular offer on our writing workbooks for two days only.

From 29-30 June 2020, you can buy three writing workbooks and get one free.

Each workbook is $20. You would normally pay $80 for four workbooks. With this offer, you will only pay $60.

Our Workbooks:

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  1. How To Show And Not Tell: Learn the art of showing in short stories (and novels).
  2. Setting Up The Setting In Your Novel: Learn how to create a fabulous setting in your stories.
  3. The 6 Sub-Plots: Create compelling sub-plots in your stories.
  4. The Character Creation Kit: Create charismatic characters.
  5. Visual Storytelling: Find your unique, visual storytelling voice.
  6. Hooked On Writing: Form a writing habit in 31 days.

Choose four of these writing workbooks and only pay for three.

How To Do It:

  1. Visit our shop.
  2. Add four workbooks to your basket.
  3. View basket.
  4. Pay: $60
  5. Create an account.
  6. Your purchase and details will be confirmed.
  7. Download your four workbooks here: My Account