Business Writing in 2023

Business Writing in 2023

In this post, Writers Write looks at business writing in 2023.

Business writing has changed, and so have general business trends and the consumer. New technologies and social media are at the front, and businesses have to evolve and embrace a fresh approach.

Here’s what to expect in modern business writing, and how to guarantee your own writing success.

Business Writing in 2023

  1. Smartphones Are Writing Tools

Assume that everyone in business, does the essentials from their smartphone. Quick edits, voice notes, and writing projects can be done from anywhere. Clients expect writers to keep up with this instant speed.

Android dominates 69.74% of the worldwide mobile market: get to know your smartphone.

Portable writing apps like PureWriter have become great business tools.

  1. Corporate Language Is Changing

Earlier business writing, preferred jargon from one department to the next. We loved our meetings and elaborate business talk, but today this is frowned upon as alienating the whole office.

Good business writing is clear and concise.

Words like ’synergy’ and ‘quiet quitting’ are removed from business vocabulary, where they were once popular phrases. Most people agree, that modern business writing has little space for jargon.

  1. Social Media Is Crucial 

Business writing requires in-depth knowledge of social media, and control of your own profiles. A writer can’t ignore the impact of TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

Can you tell the difference between a great TikTok post, and what should have been said on Instagram? Each social media platform is different.

Social media connections aren’t just for personal use, but also for business networking.

  1. Virtual Meetings Are Commonplace

After the COVID-pandemic, the world opened up to new possibilities for remote work. Business writing had to embrace virtual meetings and broadcasts, which is a trend that remains in 2023.

Skype, Zoom, and similar services can connect clients in seconds. Why wait to meet in a physical boardroom, when you could share the details right now?

Writing success means it’s important to speak to your clients. Don’t remain text on a screen, when you can link up and get to know your business contacts better. 

  1. Artificial Intelligence Is Real

Modern business writing doesn’t necessarily all use (or need) artificial intelligence. But modern business writers must always remain aware of AI developments, and how it affects writing.

Could you notice factual mistakes made by an artificial intelligence? Sometimes it’s as simple as Jasper or ChatGPT claiming that I have written articles (or books) that I haven’t.

Artificial intelligence is likely to stay and writers have to adapt to understand how (and where) they’ll see it. 

  1. Experience and Portfolio Matters

Business writing clients want to see experience and a strong portfolio.

It’s not just about who can amass the most degrees, but about who has the necessary talent and experience. A portfolio tells clients that you, the writer, really exist.

As a writer, focus on showing clients your best samples. Have general samples, and niche examples of the things you’ve done well.

Without a portfolio, it’s a hundred times harder to get hired for any business writing at all. 

  1. Writing In The Metaverse 

Business writing has expanded to include the metaverse, or what exists in virtual reality. Companies are advertising in virtual worlds too, and games like Minecraft are used to host whole libraries of information.

Writers should include metaverses like these in their writing research (and sometimes, advertising campaigns).

Do you have a writing presence in the metaverse yet?

The Last Word

In this post, Writers Write explored business writing changes in 2023. We hope that our other posts on business writing will help your personal style improve!

By Alex J. Coyne. Alex is a writer, proofreader, and regular card player. His features about cards, bridge, and card playing have appeared in Great Bridge Links, Gifts for Card Players, Bridge Canada Magazine, and Caribbean Compass. Get in touch at

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Posted on: 24th April 2023