Book Review – Zodiac

by Sam Wilson (Michael Joseph) ISBN: 9780718181536

Imagine if everything you did and were taught was determined by your Star Sign. This is the stunningly original premise of Zodiac.

When a string of high profile, seemingly unrelated murders begin to threaten the community of San Celeste, top Detective Jerome Burton is brought in to help solve the mysteries and restore order to the city. He enlists the help of Lindi Childs, a seasoned astro-profiler to help bring the killer to justice.

Together they begin to piece together a complex puzzle that crosses all sign-lines, that makes them start to question those higher up the chain of command and puts them in immense danger. Zodiac manages to be both a taut crime-thriller, as well as an acutely critical look at how we judge and categorise each other.

Set in a society divided along Zodiac lines, where your identity is determined by when you were born, and cross-sign breeding is seen an abomination, this is a clever commentary on the absurdity of racism. Written by local South African author Sam Wilson, Zodiac leaves you pondering the nature of human beings, while still reeling from the final reveal. Well worth the read.

Merissa Himraj

Posted on: 27th November 2016