Book Review – Trump & Me

by Mark Singer (Allen Lane) ISBN: 9780141984971

With the presidential race ensuring a steady stream of Trump footage and memes, I had to wonder why no one had eagerly snapped up this little book to review. Then again, after the November 2016 election results people’s feelings towards the new President Elect left nothing to the imagination.

As uncouth and bigoted as we’ve been led to believe the ‘Trumpster’ is, one still has to wonder if there is more to this man. And much to the dismay of Mark Singer from The New Yorker, there isn’t.

Trump has become a modern day caricature who is a parody of everything the modern world has tried to disown. He is a relic who, despite being something of a maverick in his heyday, has now become like the unruly drunk relative at social gatherings who speaks his mind and sends us sprawling for cover.

Singer discovered that there aren’t any real anecdotes or introspective slices of life when it comes to Trump. What you see, is exactly what you get. It’s a small book with a quote by Trump which sums up his feelings for this book perfectly: “Mark, you are a total loser! And your book (and writings) suck!” You be the judge.

Ashleigh Seton-Rogers

Posted on: 27th November 2016