Book Review – The Street

by Paul McNally (Macmillan) ISBN: 9781770104563

The street is Ontdekkers Road in Sophiatown and Paul McNally is a journalist writing a book. He is the founding member of The Citizen Justice Network. He produces feature articles and narrative radio documentaries for Wits Journalism on criminal justice, health and science.

This story begins at a charge office in Sophiatown. Raymond is having an outburst at the police. Lieutenant Colonel Geoffrey Khaba becomes interested in Raymond as he has his own axe to grind from a previous case. Lerato, who is a cop, is married to Obi, a Nigerian drug dealer and they work hand-in-hand much to the chagrin of many. How will these people interact and what will the outcome be?

McNally points out the difficulties of all the parties involved. There is temptation for the law-abiding citizens, criminals and police. The story
captures the feelings and dilemmas that each face. Who is the bad guy?

Two years ago McNally thought he was writing about a man who failed to conquer corruption. Now he sees reality in the power of adaptation and the capacity to survive.

I found this non-fiction story insightful and interesting.

Dawn Blankfield


Posted on: 28th November 2016