Book Review – The Owl Always Hunts At Night

by Samuel Bjork (Doubleday) ISBN: 9780857522535

The Owl Always Hunts At Night – part crime thriller, part human drama, is the second book in the Munch and Kruger series.

The carefully posed body of a teenage girl is found in the forest of Sandefjord, Oslo. She is naked except for some feathers and a white lily in her mouth.

Detective Holger Munch suspects that he might have a new serial killer on his hands, and needs Mia Kruger on the case. Only Mia with her keen observation skills and ability to understand the darkness of the human psyche will be able to help him find this killer before he strikes again.

Mia, suspended from work pending a psychological assessment, is battling her own demons. Still haunted by loss of her beloved twin sister, she wrestles with the addictions that help her numb the pain. Brought back into the team by Munch, Mia struggles to hold it together but soon gets wrapped up in delivering justice for the victim.

With the help of a young hacker they uncover the depths of the depravity of the killer. What they don’t know is just how close to home this case will come.

Merissa Himraj

Posted on: 26th November 2016