Book Review – Nomad

Nomad by James Swallow (Macmillan) ISBN: 978-1-78576-183-6

Marc Dane is a member of a special M16 team called Nomad. Whilst the focus is often on the tactical squad, Marc shies from the limelight and prefers a backup role – as a technician operating drones and computers from the mobile van. It’s a role that attracts scorn from the alpha males in the team.

But it is this role that saves his life when a raid goes badly wrong and Marc is left as the only survivor. Under immediate suspicion by M16 he finds himself on the run but bent on revenge for his team, which includes his friend and lover.

Marc must pursue an Islamic terror group ready to deploy a secret weapon in the heart of America. The terrorists however are not the only obstacle as they are supported by an international crime syndicate that’s reach extends even within Marc’s own agency. Providentially he is not alone and finds an ally in a shadowy organisation that may have a similar agenda to his own.

Nomad has all the ingredients of a fast paced spy thriller – terror cells, the dark underworld of international crime, and the shadowy subterfuge of spy agencies. This all may sound so clichéed, but Nomad works, and the best part is that James Swallow is not finished with Marc Dane.

Wayne Bouwer

Posted on: 26th November 2016