Book Review – Never Never

by James Patterson and Candice Fox (Century) ISBN: 978-1-78-089544-4

Candice Fox is billed as one of Australia’s best crime writers. This is her first collaboration with James Patterson. It was my first James Patterson co-authored novel. I wasn’t blown away. For a crime thriller, the story took too long to unfold and the short chapters did little to create tension. A lack of any discernible difference between the three different viewpoints through which the story is told didn’t help.

Sydney sex-crimes detective, Harriet (Harry) Blue, is quickly shipped off to the outback – the never never – by her boss after her brother is accused of and arrested for the murders of at least three women. The emotionally volatile Harry is partnered with a detective also running from personal matters. They’re sent to investigate the disappearance of a miner. But things at the mine are not as they first appear.

As they dig deeper, they discover a militant environmental group that sabotages mine equipment; a drug lord with a temper and penchant for violence; prostitutes with information for sale; more missing miners and mine bosses more concerned with profit than human life. It’s an uninspired race-against-the-clock to catch the perpetrator. 

Liesl Williams
Posted on: 25th November 2016