Book Review – Is It Just Me Or Is Everything Kak?

The Zuma Years by Tim Richman (Two Dogs) ISBN: 9781928230335

I keep this book on my coffee side table. Its plethora of thoughts preclude it from a being a start to finish read. But when I feel like a giggle, or a prod at being pensive, or just want to appreciate the peculiarly South African penchant for irreverent rubber meets the road commentary, this is the book I pick up to read.

To compare it to Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Nearly Everything does neither book justice, because although on the face of it they seem similar, they are, in fact, totally different. It’s not all about Zuma; one can hardly blame him for the disaster that is Vodacom, or the superbugs that defy modern medicine.

In the final analysis, however awful the rest of the world might think it, not everything is kak when viewed through South Africa’s sun glasses.

Julie Suddaby

Posted on: 26th September 2016