Book Review – Awakening The Heroes Within

Awakening The Heroes Within by Carol S Pearson (Harper Elixir) ISBN: 978-0-06-250678-8

According to the introduction to the twelve archetypes represented in this book, “the heroic quest is about saying ‘yes’ to yourself and in so doing, becoming more fully alive and more effective in the world…”

Carol Pearson introduces the reader to the archetypes that are presented at different stages of his/her life journey. There are simple diagnostic tests that will determine what archetype stage a person may be at. Each archetype has a goal, fear, response to problem, a task as well as a gift which is handy. The various lessons will empower the reader to lead a fulfilling life.

By applying the principles in the book, the reader can recognise their potential by awakening their inner guides. Pearson also applies these principals to cultural heritages, which is useful for people who need to understand their frame of reference and outlook of the world shaped by their background.

This psychologically-based book is interesting especially if people who are discontented with life. This book requires an in-depth examination of the self and to take responsibility for living with that understanding.

This offers an interesting perspective from a world-renowned expert on depth psychology and transformational leadership.

Ulrike Hill

Posted on: 27th November 2016