Book Review – Agents Of The State

by Mike Nicol (Umuzi) ISBN: 978-1-41520-718-5

Nicol’s latest thriller is filled with interesting characters, including the President and his son, who are involved in some dirty deeds.

Initially, Agent Vicki Kahn’s first assignment for the State Security Agency is to bring a child trafficker back to South Africa. When the child trafficker disappears and Vicki Kahn’s next contact in Berlin is found dead, she wonders why she left her safe job as a lawyer. There seem to be more answers to questions.

Vicki’s lover, PI Fish Pescado investigation, is somehow linked to Vicki’s case and he is told to warn Vicki. The only problem is that Vicki is not answering his calls and seems to want nothing further to do with him. Pescado and the reader is left wondering who is leading Vicki into danger and why.

Everyone wants to get closer to the President including Vicki and Fish. Vicki must solve the case but she faces dangerous people who are politically connected.

Agents Of The State is an exciting story filled with conspiracies, power struggles, and agency secrets.

Ulrike Hill

Posted on: 26th November 2016