Book Review – Black Hills

by Nora Roberts (Piatkus) ISBN: 978-0-7499-2926-8

Nora Robert fans will love this bulky whodunit story of Lil Chance.

A young Lil falls in love with Cooper Sullivan, sulky and sad New Yorker. He is visiting his grandparents on their farm because his parents are trying to patch up their marriage. He discovers that Lil is no ordinary girl and this childhood romance helps him appreciate the outback life. That is until; Lil and Cooper grow up and go their separate ways.

They meet up again 12 years later. Lil has achieved her dream of opening a wild life sanctuary. Cooper has moved back to his grandparent’s farm. When a cougar is killed in the hills Lil and Cooper are forced to work together. A lunatic killer is on the prowl, someone who believes that Lil is violating ancient Sioux grounds. But Lil has not forgiven Cooper for breaking her heart.

This story is different to Robert’s usual safe romance as she forces the characters together to face their own weaknesses. Tracking a killer and saving the sanctuary, Lil and Cooper rekindle the magnetism that existed years ago.

A definite page-turner. The heroine is strong and independent and the story will have readers guessing until the end.

Ulrike Hill