16 Types Of Government - A Writer's Resource

16 Types Of Government – A Writer’s Resource

Writers Write is a writing resource. In this post, we share an infographic on the different types of government you could include in your stories.

If you are building a world for your story, you need to think about where the characters live. Every story happens somewhere and creating a setting is important.

According to Mia Botha in World-Building For Every Genre, world-building includes:

  1. Genealogy
  2. Work life
  3. Clothing
  4. Food
  5. Hygiene
  6. Rituals and holidays
  7. Technology
  8. History
  9. Religion
  10. Language
  11. Gender roles
  12. Family life and structure
  13. Procreation
  14. Politics
  15. Education
  16. Geography
  17. Water and resources

Politics includes government, and if you need some help with your government type, use this infographic.

16 Types Of Government – A Writer’s Resource

16 Types Of Government - A Writer's Resource

Source for Infographic

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  1. Cristina

    You misspelled governments.

  2. corriea mattina

    8/08/15 9:16p Governments 16 Types Infographic
    I found an error on the Pin from Pinterest the word ”Government” was misspelled but I guess you already know that.

  3. Archie Halliwell

    No comment

  4. Scott Taillet

    Your definition of Republic and Democratic are poorly stated…please find out which are which anf what makes them, very different to another…Thanks. In a Democratic Government you have a Majority Ruling but allows for the most corruption, while allowing to be ruled by many. A Republic, you must govern yourself to behave in return this frees up your your own freedoms, when you have a moral code of self conduct. Furthermore, your Offical who ever you elect are those leaders of moral Character of their moral codes of ethics, allowing laws that are enforced with a morality behind each one and lesser ones, are ignored, discard by overturning them or completely overruled.

  5. Buster


  6. john Crusen

    Anarchy does not mean a lack of laws. It means a lack of rulers. Disorder is not equivalent with a lack of government. Humans lived for millions of years on this planet before we invented governments.

  7. Jerry Olson

    The definitions of fascism and anarchy are not entirely accurate. Fascism primarily is a form of government that steers the economy using commercial entities (industry, banks, labor), usually for war purposes, by using the perpetual threat of war to sustain public support.

    Anarchy is simply the absence of government, which if suddenly removed from coerced society leads to chaos and lawlessness as withdrawal effects, but small spontaneous orders always emerges as people gather for mutual benefit.

    Socialism is strangely missing from the list. A Collectivist uncle to Fascism, where government steers the economy through regulation or nationalization of commercial entities to solve perceived social inequities, perpetuating such notions to sustain public support. Nazi Germany blended Marxist socialism with Italian fascism and shrouded it in extreme nationalism and xenophobia.

  8. M. Sherry

    Neither communism nor socialism is a method of government. They, along with capitalism, are forms of economic systems.

  9. Jerry Olson

    I disagree M. Sherry on this basis: Both communism and socialism require involuntary association to survive. Marx insisted that socialism would inevitably lead to anarcho-socialism; government was only needed to get things going. But there is always someone who descents and these systems can’t function without total compliance. Intolerant of any descent, they must use force, which is the essence of all government. Whether a tribal council or a sprawling Soviet Union, someone is ‘in charge’… it is government. They are economic systems, but involuntary ones; involuntary meaning governed.

  10. Sheila Taylor

    While everyone share their comments about government, no one yet is thankful that that board was put up for the individuals that don’t think or understand the underlying posted. I thank all of you who posted this gave me a clear understanding of what people think and understan. Now it is time write a book of a clearer understanding of government. Thanks to all who share their thoughts and information. All have a blessed life☺

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