Month: October 2017

Rupi Kaur

Literary Birthday – 5 October – Rupi Kaur

Happy Birthday, Rupi Kaur, born 5 October 1992 Quotes Loneliness is a sign you are in desperate need of yourself. The topics just kind of come to me. If they are relevant, it's because they're happening in the world around me, and it's affecting me.…

Cut The Strings – Submit Your Ninth Short Story Today

Nine down and three to go in our short story challenge! Well done to everyone who made it. Submission process:  I will accept and approve posts for Cut The Strings (Word count: 1000 words) from 4 October 2017, 8:00 (Johannesburg time), until 5 October 2017,…
Sara Zarr

Literary Birthday – 3 October – Sara Zarr

Happy Birthday, Sara Zarr, born 3 October 1970 Quotes Your greatest creation is your creative life. It's all in your hands. It's hard to say when my interest in writing began, or how. My mother read to my sister and me every night, and we…