11 Things To Know About Dating A Writer

If you’re in a relationship with a writer, you’ll appreciate this. We found this Infographic and could not resist sharing it with you.

If you are dating a writer, you’ll learn a few things to help you survive the ride. If you are the writer, share this with your significant other.

If both of you are writers, good luck!

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Posted on: 11th April 2015

3 thoughts on “11 Things To Know About Dating A Writer”

  1. Sooooo true, except for number 3, enjoyed the positive feedback and hints of who to send to, and number 9. I don’t eat GMO’s – so scrambled eggs not cereal for me. 😉

  2. Joanne Carpenter

    Relationships are challenges anyway. You need to keep your writing in prospective an chose your relationship s wisely.

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