5 Weak Words To Avoid & What To Use Instead

Writers Write is a resource for writers. We’ve shared this infographic on 5 weak words to avoid to help you improve your writing.

In this Infographic, Jennifer Frost talks about padding words, weak verbs and nouns, and how to avoid them. She even includes and references our famous post, 45 Ways To Avoid Using The Word ‘Very’ in the Infographic.

One way to weaken your writing is to add modifiers and qualifiers, as well as unnecessary adverbs and adjectives. There are times when they may necessary, effective, and appropriate. However, they mostly support weak nouns and verbs. Choose strong, appropriate nouns and verbs instead.

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Another is to write in the passive voice.

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5 Weak Words To Avoid & What To Use Instead

Source: Grammar Check

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  1. Kuldip Singh

    Could you please add a What’s App sharing button.

    Thank you.

  2. James

    Avoid “is, are, was were,” because passive voice? Er, except that the worst uses of the verb to be aren’t even passive voice! They’re stagnant. Passive voice omits the actor, but the rest of the time, to be omits the verb.

    Example: Passive voice: The letter was mailed.

    Regular use of to be:

    The letter was white.

    Which one has more action? Um, the passive voice is more active because it has a verb.

    In fact, there are times when it’s perfect to use passive voice, because the actor is unknown at first.

    I was hit on the back of the head by a lemon. It rolled past me, as I looked around.

    Mrs. Doubtfire gave me an odd look. “Oh, my, it was a run-by fruiting.”

    Why passive? Because when I get hit, I don’t know WHAT hit me, so this creates a more accurate chronology.

    These aren’t laws, but writers often improve their writing by editing their work in line with these pointers.

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