10 Rules I’ve Lived By Throughout My 72 Years As A Novelist

About the Author:  Warren Adler recently launched Writers of the World, an online community for writers to share their stories about why they began writing. Warren Adler’s latest novel, Torture Man, is available now. His Film/TV projects currently in development include the Hollywood sequel to The War of the Roses – The War of the Roses: The Children of the Roses, along with other projects including Fiona Fitzgerald’s Capitol Crimes, a television series based on Warren Adler’s Fiona Fitzgerald mystery novels, as well as a feature film based on Warren Adler and James Humes’ WWII thriller, Target Churchill. Explore more at www.warrenadler.com  and www.greyeaglefilms.com.

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  1. Sangita G Naik

    I like communicating .I am a good listener too.I interact with every age group and a learner for life time .Now that landed me here !

  2. George

    Good tips to live by

  3. George Alcalde

    These are good tips to use as reminders.

  4. Anonymous

    I to am getting even a later start. At almost 54 I finally decided to put out the book that was burning in my soul . And you know , it feels amazing . I appreciate all these tips they all make sense. You could have been a newbie like me and they still would have made perfect sense. I guess I am on the write road. 🙂

  5. Warren Adler

    Hi Debra,
    Maybe it was better for your work to have started later than earlier. Go get it. Good luck.

  6. Gerald A.Turer

    Good advise and incite!Graduated N.Y.U. “The Heights” 1948 0ne year behind you at same age.Am now 88(The Piano Years) Where did the years go?Have a grandson now 29 who graduated Cornell with a film major.Getting tired of short lived gigs.When do you let go and live a normal life/
    Met you and Sonny at N.Y.U. reunions in the past..

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